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You Vote. We Donate.

You Vote. We Donate.

Every month CREDO
gives $150,000
to the progressive causes
you care about most.

You Vote. We Donate.
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Our Commitment. Your Choice.

Our Commitment. Your Choice.

Vote for one, two or all three progressive organizations.

Our Commitment. Your Choice.
donated since 1985
The Causes We Support
We give to progressive
organizations doing
vital work.
$13,712,487 DONATED

From fighting for a $15-per-hour minimum wage to stopping job-killing trade deals, CREDO makes the fight for economic justice a priority. We're working to expand the social safety net and reform Wall Street, including breaking up the big banks and stopping the revolving door between Wall Street and Washington.

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$9,577,666 DONATED

The right to vote needs to be carefully guarded, now more than ever. Conservatives have been fighting to suppress the votes of communities of color for decades. CREDO is working to protect and expand the right to vote and defend voters against discriminatory and racist voter-suppression laws.

Climate Justice
$19,464,178 DONATED

Climate change is a threat to our very existence on Earth. We envision a world where everyone has access to clean air and water, and renewable energy is abundant. We continue to fight for climate justice, from stopping fossil fuel infrastructure to holding corporations accountable for destructive acts.

Civil Rights
$12,724,862 DONATED

The fight for civil rights is not over. Racism and bigotry still plague our country. From supporting activists on the ground to working with innovative, progressive groups, CREDO is fighting for the rights of those who are discriminated against based on their race, religion, sexual orientation or gender.

Women's Rights
$10,156,199 DONATED

Women’s freedom and equality is under constant attack. At CREDO, we fight for women’s rights, reproductive freedom, equal pay in the workplace and the empowerment of women. We’re proud to be Planned Parenthood’s largest corporate donor and will continue to fund their work and the work of other leading women’s rights organizations.

$10,706,034 DONATED

Advocacy for peace requires relentlessly promoting diplomacy and standing against unnecessary wars. CREDO has been a longtime supporter of groups that work with refugees in the worst war zones on Earth, and we will continue fighting to stop wars of aggression and working to promote peace.

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