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Planned Parenthood Affiliates is not eligible for a CREDO donation this month. Consider casting a vote for another progressive group being funded this month that shares its values. Vote now!

Women's Rights

Planned Parenthood Affiliates

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Every month CREDO Mobile gives $150,000 to progressive causes like Planned Parenthood Affiliates

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Women's Rights

Planned Parenthood Affiliates

Planned Parenthood Affiliates

Planned Parenthood is one of America’s leading providers and advocates of high-quality, affordable health care for women, men and young people and the largest provider of sex education. It will never back down from its commitment to its patients.

CREDO's Impact

CREDO funding will help Planned Parenthood’s Affiliates ensure that its health services remain available to those who need them most.

CREDO has donated $1,627,090 to Planned Parenthood Affiliates

The Power of Organizing

"Our voices, when raised all together, are incredibly powerful." Read Planned Parenthood Action Fund's Diali Avila's take on why organizing matters in the fight to protect healthcare for all.

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